Q&A: When should I engage an architect for a commercial project?

Engage an architect as early in the commercial project development process as possible, ideally at the concept or pre-design phase.

Early architect involvement helps identify potential challenges or opportunities, saving time, money, and avoiding issues later. Here are some key considerations:

Design and Vision

If you have a unique vision for your project, engaging an architect early on will help translate these ideas into a feasible design, tailored to your needs and expectations.

Budget and Financing

Early architect involvement aids in accurate cost estimates and securing financing if needed.

Site Assessment

Engage architects early for site evaluation, considering land use, dimensional requirements, environmental constraints, and access to utilities. These factors can significantly influence the design and project timeline.

Project Timeline

If your project has a tight deadline, engaging an architect early in the process can help expedite the design, permitting, and construction phases, minimizing potential delays.

Regulatory Compliance

Architects help minimizing delays and costly revisions by ensuring projects meet codes, ordinances, and permits from the outset.

Phased Projects

If your project is to be executed in multiple phases, involving an architect from the beginning will help ensure a cohesive design approach throughout all phases.

Sustainable Design

If sustainability is a priority for your project, involving an architect early in the process can help incorporate energy-efficient and environmentally friendly design elements from the beginning.

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