GARC Design Process

From Vision Design to Construction Administration

GARC employs a well-tested, research-oriented design process that strongly engages our clients enabling us to provide creative, unique and highly customized solutions. We engage a user-centered design approach to discover our Clients’ needs by looking at the project through their perspective. 

Our design process engages our Client's in highly interactive process, which serves as a learning tool for both our Clients and ourselves. We learn in detail about our Client’s living/working styles, personal preferences, and needs and wants. At the same time, our Clients learn our design approach and the reasoning behind our design concept, which will prove invaluable in making informed decisions going forward.

Vision Workshop with GARC

The first step is to set the vision for the project - both commercial and residential. We begin the design process by exploring the potential directions that the design can take into account any physical or Client defined constraints. From there we explore the possibilities, discuss options, and evolve a vision for the project. The full vision design process includes two design service options: The Vision Workshop and The Feasibility Study. These two services are carefully integrated to answer our Client's questions and to help to reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with taking the first steps toward getting a project started.

GARC Vision Design

GARC Schematic Design

Phase 02

Schematic Design

The next step in the design process is to define the optimal design concept. At GARC, we have developed a powerful toolbox that will help our Client’s clearly visualize the project design and will allow our Client’s to make better informed design decisions. At the completion of the Schematic Design Phase, we will document our basic design decisions with floor plan layouts, building elevations, and a 3D digital rendering and massing model. Before moving on to the next stage, all will be presented to and approved by the Client.

Phase 03

Permit/Design Development Drawings 

This step takes the approved schematics ideas and begins to develop a limited set of drawings to further develop the concept. We will work out basic technical aspects of the design and will engage limited engineering assistance, including structural engineering, and other consultants as needed. This set of basic drawings can then be submitted to the Building Offical to obtain a building permit.

GARC Permit Drawings

GARC Construction Drawings
Phase 04

Construction Documents

The Construction Documents phase is the critical documentation process, which thoroughly documents and communicates the design solutions developed in the Vision Design process. Building on the on the limited documentation included in the Permit/Design Development drawings, GARC will complete all components of the design in detail sufficient to communicate the design intent for the purpose of bidding and construction.

The work of this phase includes the completion of the building floor plans, building and wall sections, details, and schedules. Further research and decisions on products and materials, and colors and textures will be done in this phase.  Generic product selections will be made.  And, the digital computer model will be further developed allowing the Client to visualize the design components, spaces and volumes in greater detail.

Phase 05

Bid and Award

GARC will assist our clients when it comes time to select a general contractor for the project. To begin with, we will prepare and distribute the Construction Documents to a select list of prospective Bidders and will address and document any questions Bidders may have. After compiling the final Bid Proposals, we will assist the Client with the evaluation of the bids and will assist the Client with the award and the preparation of a legally binding General Contract for Construction.


GARC Construction Administration
Phase 06

Construction Administration

During the construction process, GARC will provide construction administration services to facilitate the construction process. We will participate in pre-construction meetings with the General Contractor and subcontractors. We will visit the project site on a regular basis to observe the progress of the work and determine whether or not the work is in accordance with the Construction Documents. We will coordinate with the General Contractor and will answer design related questions. We will review and take appropriate action in a timely manner on subcontractors’ submittals including shop drawings, product data, and material and color samples. When the progress of the work reaches the point where it is substantially complete, GARC will prepare a “Punch List” of work that should be corrected and will later review the corrective work.

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