GARC Design Process

From Vision Design to Construction Administration

We use a research-oriented design process to deliver creative and highly customized solutions. With a user-centered design approach, we learn about our clients’ needs by looking at the project through their eyes. This highly interactive design process is a learning experience for both parties. We gain a deep understanding of our clients’ lifestyle, preferences, and needs/wants. Meanwhile, our clients learn about our design philosophy and the reasoning behind our ideas. This empowers them to make well-informed decisions.

Vision Workshop with GARC

The initial phase is to set the vision for the project. We kick off the design process by evaluating the potential directions for the design, taking into consideration any constraints. From there we examine the options, talk through possibilities, and develop a vision for the project. This design service is specifically designed to address our clients' concerns and to ease the stress and uncertainty that often come with starting a project.

GARC Vision Design

GARC Schematic Design

Phase 02

Schematic Design

The next phase of the design process is to establish the ideal design concept. At GARC, we have a comprehensive toolbox that helps our clients clearly visualize the design and make informed design decisions. After completing the Schematic Design Phase, we document our fundamental design decisions with floor plan layouts, building elevations, and 3D digital renderings.

Phase 03

Design Development /Permit Drawings 

In this phase, we take the accepted schematic concept and begin to develop the technical elements of the design. We bring in engineering support, including structural engineering and other consultants as needed. Once finished, we will produce a limited set of detailed drawings that can be submitted to the City/County for a building permit.

GARC Permit Drawings

GARC Construction Drawings
Phase 04

Construction Documents

Building on the on the limited documentation included in the Design Development/Permit Drawings, GARC will complete all components of the design in detail sufficient to communicate the design intent for the purpose of bidding and construction. This phase includes the completion of building floor plans, building and wall sections, details, and schedules. We will also conduct more research and make decisions on products and materials during this phase.

Phase 05

Bid and Award

At GARC, we will assist our clients choose a general contractor for the project. To start, we will prepare and distribute the Construction Documents to a select list of potential bidders and address any questions they may have. After compiling the final bid proposals, we will assist the client in evaluating the bids and help them with awarding the contract.


GARC Construction Administration
Phase 06

Construction Administration

During the construction process, GARC will provide construction administration services to facilitate the construction process. We will attend pre-construction meetings with the General Contractor and subcontractors. We will regularly visit the project site to check on the progress of the work and ensure it is in line with the Construction Documents. We will communicate with the General Contractor and answer any design-related questions. We will review and take appropriate action in a timely manner on contractors’ submittals including shop drawings, product data, and material and color samples. When the project is substantially completed, GARC will prepare a “Punch List” of items that need to be corrected and will later review the corrective work.

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