Vision Workshop

Vision Workshop with GARC

GARC Vision Workshop On-Site

Get a roadmap for your project.

A 6-hour Vision Workshop with GARC includes:

  • Existing floor plan with spaces within the project scope
  • Detailed summary of the preliminary challenges as well as the potentials of the project
  • Preliminary sketches of the plan layout
  • Suggested design brief and scope of work
  • Overview of the design process and action plan for next steps
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What is a GARC Vision Workshop?

Vision Workshop is an on-site design workshop that we at GARC have developed to answer questions that often weigh our clients down with stress and anxiety before even getting any projects started.

For example, do you know the zoning/building codes to comply with? Do you have a design in mind that fully optimizes the space available? Should you renovate, add on or build a standalone? What about budgets? What about the questions you don’t know to ask???

This Vision Workshop we have developed to be located on-site at the very beginning stage of planning to help evolve the vision for the project and create a clear road map for our clients to move forward with. In last two years, we have conducted over thirty Vision Workshops and receive our client’s highest satisfaction in every case.


Vision Workshop Goal

The goal of the Vision Workshop is to confidently leave our clients with a plan of action on how to move forward with the project. Included with this plan of action will be a preliminary sketch of the plan as well as a greater understanding of the scope and next steps. GARC is able to achieve this goal by having clear, insightful and in-depth conversations that pave the way for the development of the scope of work and allow the design direction to evolve fluidly. With this approach, our clients significantly accelerate the initial design stage of the project and come away with greater knowledge of how to approach the next steps, no matter whom they choose to make the next steps with (which also helps reduce stress levels).


Vision Workshop Process (D-E-A-R-V)

Session 1: Diagnosing

(Approximately 1 Hour): This is where we will sit and talk with the client more about their needs, requirements, preferences, etc.

Session 2: Exploring

(Approximately 2 Hours): The GARC team will use key points and ideas discussed in Session One, take necessary measurements and begin to sketch first drafts. While the team does this, the client can take a break.

Session 3: Analyzing

(Approximately 1 Hour): GARC will get together with the client again to show our initial draft ideas and designs, and to get the client’s feedback.

Session 4: Refining

(Approximately 1 Hour): GARC will refine the options based on the feedback from Session Three while the client takes another break.

Session 5: Visioning

(Approximately 1 Hour): In the last hour, GARC will sit with the client again to discuss together and finalize the preliminary design direction, as well as define a clearer scope of work and action plan for next steps.

Process Visual
Vision Workshop with Suping Li

What you need to get started:

Your workshop can happen at the location of your choice. GARC only requires a flat surface to work on (e.g. a dining table) and a power outlet to set up laptops and sketch pads. WiFi access is helpful. The entire workshop will last approximately 6 hours, and as described above, about three of those hours require your time for discussion. The other three hours do not require you to be as involved as GARC will be working.