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January 4, 2023uncategorized

We’ve Moved in 2022

We are excited to announce that GARC has moved into our long-term home at 112 Granby St. Suite 400 in downtown Norfolk since September 2022. This was determined after a lengthy search for a new office location that could meet our...

November 27, 2020News,

HRACRE Design Awards

GARC won two HRACRE design awards this year! Got Fish? for Best Recreation/Entertainment/Hospitality Project Merit Award and Get Well Soon for Best Interior Excellence Award. We want to thank our clients for the opportunities of...

November 9, 2020GARC Q&A

Q&A #4: What are the high ROI items?

In the last Q&A, we talked about how to find balance between the investment of a home renovation and the return in both monetary value and in the value to the quality of life. If we are only evaluating Return On Investment (ROI) in a mon...

October 6, 2020GARC Q&A

Q&A #2: Should I renovate or rebuild?

We usually get this question when a client really likes the location of the house, but not happy with the actual building itself. The costs of a major renovation might be closer to building a new house from scratch. In that case, should ...


Restaurant Design Roadmap

The design and construction of a restaurant can be a complicated process. Download this free roadmap for a design-to-launch overview.