December 10, 2020News,

We’ve Moved

Dear clients and friends, we are pleased to announce that starting December 1st, 2020, we will join Gather, a co-working office space, to take advantage of the multiple locations available, in order to better serve our clients in Hampton...

November 27, 2020News,

HRACRE Design Awards

GARC won two HRACRE design awards this year! Got Fish? for Best Recreation/Entertainment/Hospitality Project Merit Award and Get Well Soon for Best Interior Excellence Award. We want to thank our clients for the opportunities of...

November 9, 2020GARC Q&A

Q&A #4: What are the high ROI items?

In the last Q&A, we talked about how to find balance between the investment of a home renovation and the return in both monetary value and in the value to the quality of life. If we are only evaluating Return On Investment (ROI) in a mon...

October 6, 2020GARC Q&A

Q&A #2: Should I renovate or rebuild?

We usually get this question when a client really likes the location of the house, but not happy with the actual building itself. The costs of a major renovation might be closer to building a new house from scratch. In that case, should ...

July 30, 2019Living

Kitchen Is The New Center – Part 2

After World War II, Art & Arts magazine commissioned many major architects of the day to design and build homes.  The popular/acclaimed “Case Study House Program” ran intermittently between 1945 to 1966 and “sought to respond to po...

May 17, 2019Living

Kitchen Is The New Center – Part 1

Over 90 percent of residential projects that come our way include the kitchen. The project can involve opening up the kitchen to living area, enlarging it to allow for a multi-function space, or even building an outdoor kitchen to create...


Restaurant Design Roadmap

The design and construction of a restaurant can be a complicated process. Download this free roadmap for a design-to-launch overview.