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Welcome to GARC

Founded in Norfolk, Virginia in 2015, GARC is an award-winning Architecture Firm serving VA, MD, DC, & NY. We help homeowners, business owners, and small developers through meaningful design. Our clients have repeatedly told us that our work has had a profound impact on their living, working, and social environments. With our well-tested, research-oriented design process, the Client is always at the center. We design your space as a portrait of you, your family, or your company.

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A User-Centered Design Approach

GARC employs a user-centered design approach and a research-oriented design process to discover our Client's true needs, understand core design issues, and provide unique, customized solutions to shape meaningful and sustainable physical environments. The process covers six key phases:

– Vision Design

– Schematic Design

– Permit Drawings

– Construction Drawings

– Bid and Award

– Construction Administration

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