Contempo Living

Norfolk, VA

Type/ Residential
Time/ 2018-2019
Client/ Private
Status/ Under Construction

This project is a renovation of a custom home built in the 1970s. The goal is to create an open floor plan with optimized flow for entertaining as well as daily use.Also included in the design is to transform and  update the exterior of the home to reflect more contemporary aesthetic. Another key component of the project was to create outdoor living spaces for our clients to enjoy the beautiful backyard water views. 
River Cres Layout Sketch

While respecting the integrity and structure of the existing building, the design  opens up the previously compartmented spaces of kitchen, dining, living room, and family rooms. Three axises are created that correspond to each bay of the existing house, with a perpendicular axis that connects the common areas together. The interior design maximizes the view from all common areas on the first floor that bring in an abundance of natural light and include vast scenes of  the backyard and the creek beyond.

The new outdoor deck is intentionally leveled with the interior space and naturally descends to the ground of the backyard through a series of floating concrete steps. The steps  are also integrated with planter platforms, benches and an outdoor kitchen. Each bay has its direct access to the outdoor deck with double and multi-panel sliding doors allowing access, it blurs the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Honoka Cove Lighting Mockup 1
Honoka Cove Lighting Mockup 3
The material palette, i.e. wood and concrete,  is simple but elegant. The design language is minimalism, using fewer elements to create a rich space experience. Transforming the 1970s footprint to a more contemporary design made a dramatic impact to the clients delight.
River Cres Mockup Exterior
River Cres Mockup Interior
River Cres Mockup Kitchen
River Cres Mockup Interior
River Cres Mockup Bathroom
River Cres Mockup Interior

Wendy & Pete Carolino

“We wanted to do a new addition, a complete outdoor living space and were not sure where to start. GARC was able to take our vision and turn it into a reality. The time and attention to details, listening to our requests and investment through project completion was beyond impressive. We love our beautiful outdoor living area and it has become the center of many family gatherings!”