Judy's Restaurant II

Chesapeake, VA

Type / Commercial
Status/ Completed
Client/ Judy's Sichuan Cuisine
Contractor/ Spacemakers, Inc.

This is the second location of Judy’s Sichuan Cuisine. The owner, Judy, challenged GARC to create a different personality at  this location, but at the same time integrate similar design elements from its sister location in Virginia Beach. Another challenge we faced was to effectively define the large, open dining area designated for family style seating. 
Judy's II Layout Sketch
Judy's II Layout Sketch

We created a design that displays a checkerboard ceiling that uses different materials set at different heights to help break down the scale of the space.  We also further defined the space by strategically placing a series of display shelves throughout the space. Each of the “checker board” spaces serve relatively different functions. The first space is  the entry vestibules with lower ceilings.  The second space includes the bar near the entry that has the  higher ceilings. This design helps create a similar layout as the Virginia Beach  location, while the overall design, mood and finishes are different. 

Following the flow, the next row is located in the larger room that has family style seating table & chairs with the lower ceiling in the center, and banquette seating and private dining room with a higher ceiling on each side. The most inside row of the seating area has  alternating ceiling height, with the multifunctional space having  a higher ceiling in the middle and the booth seating with the lower ceiling on the sides. 

Judy's II Construction
Judy's II Construction
Judy's II Bar Construction
The shelves we have strategically placed between each space are used to display different books of traditional Chinese literature and Chinese arts and crafts that Judy has brought back from her time in China. The shelves have similar design language as  the bar shelving; including having blue and gray colors randomly pop up in certain shelves to create a more playful composition. At the center of the dining space, the light fixtures are cubic in shape and are intentionally hung at different heights to mimic the checkerboard ceiling concept as well as creating a matrix of light.
Judy's II Bar Final
Judy's II Dining Room Final
Judy's II Kitchen Final
Judy's II Final
Judy's II Entry Final
Judy's II Entry Final

Judy Sun

"GARC did the design for our restaurants (Judy's) in both Virginia Beach and Chesapeake location. They did a wonderful job! We will definitely work with them again in the future."