Urban Courtyard

Norfolk, VA

Type/ Residential
Time/ 2017-18
Client/ Private
Status/ Design

The project centers around a single family house built in the 1980s that also has a very unique courtyard space. Included in the design is to update the outdoor living spaces and bring the entire project out of the 1980s and into today’s modern era while at the same time having the ability to satisfy the day to day demands of everyday life and weekly entertainment of friends and family. 

At GARC, we are able to accomplish this by opening up the first floor spaces between the kitchen, family room and breakfast room. We created a built-in display shelve system to accommodate the owner’s prized artwork collection.

In order to better connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, we replaced the existing doors with multi-sliding doors. This small change allows for a consistent flow from inside to out. We included additional outdoor living space improvements  by redesigning the  upper deck in order to maximize the use of the small courtyard space.

All in all, the clients enjoyed the entire  design process in which we kept them highly engaged in order  to give feedback. They are very excited with the level of openness of the floor plan, which allows them to enjoy the view and outdoor spaces. The design also allows them to better entertain their family and friends with more efficient spaces, better flow and beautiful settings. The design concept is very contemporary, while the transitional style is consistent with the existing house.

Hirano Final image
Carolino Outdoor Space Final 2

Before & After

Hirano Final image
Carolino Outdoor Space Final 2

Kristina G.

"GARC came up with extremely thoughtful and creative recommendations to ensure that the entire space reflects our style and the spirit of the changes we are making to the exterior. GARC is involved in every aspect of the process, from suggesting and interviewing sub-contractors, manufacturers and installers, to working through interior design and lighting, ensuring that the end product is thoroughly considered and designed."