Linear House

Norfolk, VA

Type/ Residential
Time/ 2017-18
Client/ Private
Status/ Design

The Linear House project is a residential renovation of a small house built in 1938.  With less than 1000 square feet, the first floor has a narrow and compartmentalized layout for the common areas.  A staircase divides the first floor with the living room and entry on one side, and the dining room and kitchen on the other.  Our design starts with opening up the walls and creating a great room.  Next we transform the kitchen and previously enclosed staircase, creating new features and keeping continuity in the design.

Travelling up the newly transformed staircase, the attic level is converted into a master suite.  A tremendous amount of effort was required to work with the existing roof in order to comply with current codes for height clearance requirements in regard to fixtures and habitable space.  For the master bathroom/walk in closet area, we employed a “tunnel of light” concept. The attic has a window on each end of the gable walls. We use glass partitions for the shower on one side and for the walk in closet on the other, to create an open layout.  Thus allowing as much natural light in as possible.  As you walk in the master bathroom, you are welcomed with our ‘infinity space’ illusion.  We create this illusion by installing a mirror on the long side of the wall, facing the vanity above the sinks.

Before & After

Hirano Final image
Carolino Outdoor Space Final 2