Bay Ranch

Deltaville, VA

Type/ Residential
Time/ 2017-18
Client/ Private
Status/ Design

Our Bay Ranch project involves an addition to a family vacation home.  Our main goal of this ranch style home renovation design is to increase the square footage to accommodate large bedrooms and a master suite. During our design process, we came up with multiple  approaches to create the addition, based on consideration and analysis of numerous factors, including space quality, flow, indoor-outdoor relationship, structural feasibility, and cost implications. 

Together with our client, we agreed on the proper direction the design should go, which is to add a two story addition with a connector back to the main house. In this way, the design allows us to keep the existing ranch house (which was built in 1950 and does not comply with today’s structure codes), create an addition with the best views of the water, and reconfigure the existing spaces for a larger and open kitchen and dining space. The new floor layout also creates a series of outdoor spaces and enhances the flow of the indoor-outdoor relationships.