Merry Christmas & Happy New Decade!

2019 has been a fruitful year for GARC.

We have been fortunate to work with both returning and new clients throughout 2019. This year we accomplished around 20 Vision Workshops & Feasibility Studies. We have two commercial projects completed, several commercial and residential projects currently under construction. See below for more details!

We’ve created multiple blog articles this year, initiated by the common questions our clients asked and developed based on data we have collected from our projects as well as our intensive research on the bigger picture of the industry.

Within the walls here at GARC, we started a program called GARCDraw. This program encourages our team to work on hand sketching and translate the skills into their design ideas. Later on we discuss and show off some of the programs results.

Lastly, we are grateful to you all for your support and encouragement this year and look forward to starting the next decade with you!

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Tidewater Eye Centers
Address: 1788 Republic Road Suite 200, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
Contractor: Essential Contractors

Tidewater Eye Center (TEC), is a 9,000 SF renovation in Hilltop Medical Center and opened its doors in October of 2019 with plans to have a grand opening early next year when the exterior renovation of the Medical Center is completed. This is the third and newest location of TEC. Working together with the client, we created a more efficient layout on the interior by creating three “pods” for the clinic. The spacious waiting area is full of natural light and easy access to the reception desk. It also turns out to be a nice event space. TEC hosted the 28th Annual Optometric Update at the new location right after it was completed. 


Got Fish? Restaurant
Hampton, VA
Contractor: Spacemakers

The construction of Got Fish’s first location in Hampton is well underway, and planned to open in early 2020. This project is Got Fish’s first location in Hampton Roads. Got Fish earned their reputation by providing their customers with fresh, high quality seafood and began to grow their loyal clientele by driving their food truck in seven cities located in the Hampton Roads area. The design of the entire dining area is strategically divided into three sections, i.e. “The City, “The Street” and “The House”. Each section is a part of the overarching design concept that honors the origin and history of Got Fish.

Roberts Residence Renovation
Virginia Beach, VA
Contractor: Academy Enterprises

A renovation project always goes through some really chaotic moments especially when opening up walls/ceilings, before it gets its metamorphosis. This renovation project in Virginia Beach is another great example of opening up the spaces to make a small house feel larger. We incorporated the design areas with lower ceiling to also help define and enrich the spaces. The stairway is opened up on both sides with wrought iron railings and screens to help announce the entry.


Off The Hook Seafood & Chophouse
Chesapeake, VA

We are excited with the design progress of this award-winning seafood restaurant’s new location in Chesapeake. It involves converting an existing, free standing building into two restaurants with a contemporary look served by one central kitchen. The restaurant facing the main road will be a fine dining chop house, which is the main branding theme for OTH. On the other side of the building, close to the canal, is a more informal dining area that will cater to people from both the land and water seeking to relax and enjoy their next meal.

Bay Ranch #2
Hampton, VA

This is a renovation and addition to a ranch house built in 1950s on a waterside lot in Hampton, Virginia. The house was built by the grandfather of the husband, and has since been in the family and never on the market. We are so grateful to be trusted to help breathe new life into this house. Stay tuned for more updates!

Two-grid House
Suffolk, VA

We are making great progress on the designs for the renovation and addition to this beautiful mid-century modern house in Suffolk, Virginia. Working on how to deal with the angles of the existing building and site, create a sense of arrival and make the modest main entrance visible are interesting challenges. Working with constraints is part of the fun of design!

Zen Suite
Norfolk, VA

When it comes to design, there is no such thing as a project that is too small. The goal of this renovation has two levels. On the functional level, the goal is to reconfigure the three functions of the suite and create a larger bathroom and walk-in closet. On an aesthetic level, the client wants to have a spa-like experience in the bathroom.


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“Until we can insert a USB into our ear and download our thoughts, drawing remains the best way of getting visual information on to the page.”
Grayson Perry

The quote above inspired us to start GARCDraw in October this year. GARCDraw is a program that encourages our team to practice hand sketches and apply the skills we learn to the architectural design process. The program also helps us hone our ability to capture the ambiguity of design ideas, and the direct interaction between our mind and hand. We have posted selected sketches from our team members every Friday on our social medias. Be sure to check them out!

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