Creating A Prototype For A Simple Food Restaurant

Opened this past October, our most recent restaurant project, Honoka Teriyaki Express, is located at the intersection of Indian River and Kempsville road.  As Honoka Teriyaki Express is the first one of this teriyaki chain restaurant, it is considered a prototype design that balances function, budget, and aesthetic; facilitating the creation of a new brand of restaurant.  The visual concept was meant to mirror the creation of the dishes: fresh, crisp, and inviting.  Deep red lighting that trims the charcoal wood finishes represent the hot iron plates that are traditionally used to cook teriyaki.  No other restaurant in the city can match the unique look of the space and we encourage you to check it out for yourself!

At Honoka Teriyaki Express, the owner wants the customer to truly have a sensory experience while dining.  When you walk into the restaurant, the first thing you will notice is the panoramic view of the servery counter framed by the charcoal wood finish, the impressive logo shining on the wall, and the aroma of the delicious teriyaki cooking on the flat iron right beneath your nose.

There are two bars: a Sushi bar and a Teriyaki bar.  You can even sit down at the sushi bar and watch them roll!  Although Honoka Teriyaki Express is a young restaurant they have become increasingly known for their Bento boxes and Sushi rolls.  This restaurant is a perfect space to grab a bite with friends for lunch or dinner.

Part of our design process wanted to make good use of the fact that the restaurant sits on the corner of Kempsville and Indian River Road; two very busy roadways.  One way we took advantage is by using large, clear windows at the corner of the building; revealing the vibrant interior lighting that pulls the inviting eatery together to anyone outside.  From the roadway, people passing by can get an all-inclusive view of the restaurant without ever stepping foot inside. Another design aspect revolved around the the kitchen; as with any restaurant, the Chef plays a central role in its success and with our design we place him where he deserves to be – front and center!   You can watch the Chef himself cook your dish, inciting the thought of everyone having an incredible experience at Honoka Teriyaki Express.

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